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FREE Find illegal shared linksFind unauthorized downloads of your
products, software and apps.
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DMCA Sender Auto-send DMCA,
manage your products lists.
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FREEAbuse Email Lookup Find all available abuse emails
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Goodies Report alleged copyright infringement,
Abuse Email Template & useful links.
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Is your paid software, product or web application shared on the internet without your authorization?

Well ... even if your product isn’t famous, it’s probably, it's probably shared.

The first thing you have to do is to look for the sharing addresses, and make a complete clean list of them.

Our Link Finder tool will make your work easier by performing several accurate searches and extract the available links for you.



We look for unauthorized shared links from different sources:

  • Web Search (Google)
  • Social Networks
  • File Sharing Sites
  • Peer-to-Peer Networks
  • Torrent Sites
  • File Backup Services
  • Presentation Sharing Sites

DMCA Sender Auto-send DMCA takedown notice, manage your products lists.

Quick & Easy Tool to send your DMCA takedown notice - An all in One Anti-piracy solution

The DMCA Sender admin dashboard will do all the job for you: send your DMCA takedown notice and follow the status of each request individually.

DMCA Sender will find the unauthorized download links to your product in one click.

Import your URL list(s), and let DMCA Sender do the job.

DMCA Sender can be used for any software, application or plugin sold on the internet.
It's important to understand that you have to prove ownership of your product to be able to activate DMCA Takedown Notice.
For that purpose you have to indicate an URL which shows your product and your ownership.

Main Features:

  • Illegal links finder
    Find the illegal links to your software/app/product in a single click
  • List Manager
    Build and manage your lists for each of your items
  • DMCA Sender
    Send your DMCA Takedown Notice
  • How to send DMCA Takedown Notice?

FREEAbuse Email Lookup Find all available abuse emails from a given url/domain.

Find the right persons & entities to send your abuse emails

Once you get your complete list of URLs you have to find the right email(s) to send your DMCA takedown notice.

Our Abuse Email Lookup tool will search for it thanks to the REGIONAL INTERNET REGISTRIES:



Goodies Report alleged copyright infringement, Abuse Email Template & useful links.

Report Google's Web Search alleged copyright infringement

Protect your Copyrights, Online and for Free

Abuse Email Template


Illegal sharing of scripts, themes, plugins and other applications/tools for sale is a real problem.

I myself am the author of scripts and tools sold mainly on the Envato Market platform.

Developing such tools is an exciting job to which I devote a large part of my development activity.

It is also very time-consuming work. It is not only necessary to provide perfectly functional plugins, whose code must be clean, commented and meet standards, but also to provide buyers with complete documentation, usage models, an online demo, and quality daily support.

These themes, codes and plugins are generally sold at a very affordable price.

The illegal sharing of these tools becomes a real problem when one realises that the code put up for sale is much more shared illegally than bought, and that it becomes difficult to continue these developments, which are therefore no longer profitable and no longer allow for a decent income.

Following these misadventures, I started looking for an efficient and financially accessible way to avoid the illegal sharing of my own tools.

Not having found a solution both effective and affordable I decided to develop my own tool: DMCA Sender.