DMCA Takedown Notice Generator - Send DMCA Takedown Notice

DMCA Takedown Notice Generator - A fast and effective solution for complete coverage against illegal software downloads.

All in one solution to send your DMCA takedown notice - Quick & Easy –

DMCA Sender (DMCA Takedown Notice Generator) is a Saas application (Software As A Service) whose main goal is to fight against the illegal sharing of software and products on the internet.

We offer a simple yet effective "all in one" solution, the use of which takes place in 3 steps:

  1. Search for illegal links across the web (search engines, download platforms, social networks,...)
  2. Send withdrawal requests to the entities concerned (host, owner or administrator of the domain name, search engines (Google)
  3. Tracking sent emails, illegal page status, sending reminders if needed

This semi-automated procedure makes it possible and easy to get a large majority of illegal pages moved of the internet.
Google quickly and systematically removes all these pages from search results.

The results appear almost immediately, the main change being an increase in your sales.


DMCA is an American law that helps to fight against illegal sharing of software, themes, plugins,... etc.

Detailed information is available in our knowledge base

Is my software / product illegally shared on the internet?

The amount of software, applications and products shared on the internet goes beyond your imagination. The shame is that developers and software authors frequently do not know that their product is available for illegal download. The first thing to do is to run a search using our "Find illegal shared links" tool. Enter the name of your product and validate. The results will appear instantly.

Who is concerned?

Any author whose software, application or plugin is on sale on the internet.

In particular:

  • Any company selling software, apps, games, ...
  • Authors whose works are on sale on platforms such as Envato Market (Themeforest, Codecanyon, ...)
  • Software authors, plugins, etc. whose achievements are sold online in a general way.

DMCA Takedown Notice Generator's Detailed features

  • Automatic search for illegal download URLs in 1 click
  • Lists of illegal URLs 1 list by product (software, plugin, ...)
  • Search for contact email address "abuse" in 1 click + by URL
  • Analysis of server response pages, content information - in 1 click + by URL
  • Sending DMCA Takedown Notice emails in 1 click + by URL
  • Management of the status of each URL (Pending / Done)
  • Accounting for sent emails Adding / Editing / Deleting URLs
  • Manual editing of email addresses "abuse" Export data in Excel / CSV format


DMCA Takedown Notice Sender Dashboard
Admin Dashboard's Home page. Build a list or access the DMCA tools from here.
The Link Finder Tool
Enter your search terms here to find all the available unauthorized download links.
Link Finder in action
The Link Finder searching for available illegal pages matching your search terms.
Link Finder Results
The Link Finder shows the results and propose to build a new list from these.
DMCA Sender Tool
DMCA Sender Main Page. This is the place to send your DMCA Takedown Notices.
Search Abuse Emails
Global search for Abuse Emails. You can launch a specific search on each URL too.
Find Page Information
Analyse each URL to see if it's still online, and get page information. You can analyse each URL individually too.
Send DMCA Takedown Notices
Send your DMCA Takedown Notices from the server or open the emails with your own client email.