Are DMCA Copyright Infringement Notices efficient?

Will the infringing content be removed from the Internet network?

Yes, DMCA sending is generally very efficient. When the DMCA is sent to the host of the website the illegal URLs are usually deleted quickly.
It happens that the entire site is put out of service by the host.

Sending DMCA to the hosting provider

Web hosting providers are not responsible for the content of the sites they host and are distributed via their servers. They are generally protected by laws that exempt them from liability.

However, this is only true if they have not received any reports of such content.

When a web hosting provider receives a request to delete content, it can no longer ignore the illegal content and must take steps to remove it. If it does not, it may be subject to legal proceedings (depending on local legislation).

The hosting provider has no interest in continuing to host these contents and will therefore do whatever is necessary, either by contacting the owner of the site, or by deleting or deactivating the site directly.

Sending DMCA to the hosting owner of the website

When the DMCA is sent to the owner of the website (at the owner's email address), it knows on the one hand that it has been spotted and located, and on the other hand that it takes a risk by continuing to publish illegal content. It will generally act accordingly.

If he does not, the reminders will show him that he has not been lost sight of.

Finally, if both the host and the owner of the site ostrich, other actions are possible:

  • contact the legal authorities of the country concerned
  • initiate legal proceedings.