How to know if my product is available on free download sites?

How do I create a list of unauthorized download URLs for my work?

To find out if a software, plugin, theme or application is available on the Internet for illegal downloading, you need to perform specific searches on different search engines like Google, Social search engines, Warez search engines.

Search engines generally have special syntax for targeted search using custom criteria.

  • surround your search with quotation marks to search for an exact phrase
  • use the "-" sign to exclude terms from your search
  • use the "+" sign to add mandatory terms
  • use parentheses as you would for a mathematical expression
  • use the "|" sign to search with alternative terms
  • ... and so on.

The content of the pages obtained as a result of this research must then be analyzed.

Our Illegal Links Finder tool does everything for you. Simply enter your product name and validate.

The free version will show you the number of illegal links found, and a sample of the first 10 URLs.

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