Who can send a DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice

Do I need to be the author of the copyrighted material in order to submit a DMCA Infringement Notice?

When you want to apply for a DMCA withdrawal notice, you must have a copyright.

Before completing a DMCA notification form, make sure that the content infringes your copyright, if in doubt, contact a lawyer.

Any inaccurate statement about content that infringes your copyright may expose you to damages.

The notice of violation must be sent to the available abuse e-mail addresses, which is the host email, and the address of the owner, admin, tech, billing contact of the website.

The abuse email addresses are collected automatically by DMCA Sender.

The Abuse Email Lookup WHOIS search tool is available for free.

DMCA limits the notice and take down to infringements of intellectual property rights.